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So you've noticed the "Get Rich Quick Dropshipping" advertisements?

It's a myth. It is hard work. It is not a scheme to get rich quick. 90% of dropshippers who have set up a store like mine fail within 6 months due to the frustration of the cost, the learning curve and all it entails. This has been quite the journey for me, I am disabled and working from home. But it is a legit job and it takes a lot of studying. I will not give up! My advice for beginners would be to watch every youtube video you can about building a successful business dropshipping online. It takes hours of studying, but let's do this! I will be back with a new post as I can, and I will let you know off the bat, some of the links I am going to share with you are affiliate links which I may make a small profit off of. Just think though, If you follow what I am doing, you can someday do the same. Be kind and help me help you. Catch ya on the flip side!

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